Recap From Annual General Meeting

At our Annual Meeting, which was held on June 2nd, 2015, there was a wonderful turn out, one of the largest numbers seen in some time. The executive is hopeful that the upcoming 2015-2016 school year will bring just as many or more members to the meetings. As a member in ‘good standing’ (someone who pay their dues, which you all do because it automatically comes off your payroll), it is your right to know what is happening in our local, what is happening in our province and how the Public sector is being affected across the country. By attending the meetings you learn about all those acronyms that are used, such as LAPP, OH & S, CUPE, AEEC, ALF and the list goes on. You will also be exposed to different training sessions that are offered, have a snack and a little socialization, and most importantly get to know other members from different locations in our district. Of course there is always business that gets done such as reports, nominations and voting on where and how our money is spent.

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There were nominations and several votes for various positions and committees. Here are the results:

Grievance Committee is anyone who is interested in steward training or who has any training. Right now the committee consists of Lynn Fleet, Judy Ferre, Paula Senft, Juliette Leask, and Crystal Stoutenburg. If you have any training or questions please email Crystal.

Alberta Library Education Committee – One lucky person gets to represent all of our fabulous Librarians. Thank you to Juliette Leask for taking on this role!

Labour Management This committee meets with members of District Office once a month. Thanks Lorna Tollman, Paula Senft, Lynn Fleet and Crystal Stoutenburg. You all do a wonderful job representing the membership and will bring their concerns forward.

Alberta Education Employees Committee   Judy Ferre and Melita Ellsworth, you two ladies will meet wonderful people from across the province twice a year and share what is happening in other school districts!! 

Joint Health and Safety  -The dynamic duo Elaine Moore and Elaine Bambridge bring an enormous amount of knowledge and will continue to protect the rights and safety of our members as they continue on this committee!

Policy Advisory Committee – Melita Ellsworth and Elaine Bambridge, thank you for your continuation on this committee.

Sargent at Arms  Thank You JUDY Ferre for keeping our meetings private!!

Trustee – Mary Ellen Downey Thank you for working with our treasurer to keep the books balanced.

Treasurer –  Congratulation Elaine Moore for another term in this roll. You do a fabulous job!

Vice President – There was an election, and Crystal Stoutenburg was elected.