Fort McMurray Beware

THEFTOver the past couple of weeks theft has appeared to increase in our neighborhoods. Although the police have been amazing, it is important to be aware and do your part to help avoid your vehicle or home being broken into. So far, it appears that there has not been any damage, owners say they have locked their doors, yet they are still getting into vehicles and even houses.



Here are some tips to keep in mind and put into practice.

1. Lock it up

2. Stay Vigilant– be that nosy neighbor

3. Know your Neighbors– more eyes to watch the neighborhood

4. If going on Vacation, Prepare before you go

5. Get Police help– If your vehicle does get broken into, leave it as is until the police instruct you to do otherwise

6. Secure your yard, keep trees and plants manicured

7. Do not leave a spare key out

8. Secure sliding Doors and Windows (make sure they are locked as well)

9. Fake them OUT, leave a light or two on, leave the stereo on

10. Don’t Showboat, meaning make sure things are put away, do not leave USB connectors on your seat, get the kids to put their bikes away.

For more details on the above list, please visit Protected Homes, and for up to date news in Wood Buffalo