January Professional Day

On the 29th of January, Fort McMurray Public School Instructional Staff will be gathering at Ecole McTavish for Mental Wellness. Everyone’s mental health is different. Jan 11 Mental Wellness Formula Draft 4Some do not know if they are dealing with a mental health problem.

Mental health has several different faces. It can be things such as feeling worried or anxious, being unhappy, having emotional outbursts, sleep problems, substance abuse, or having a change in behavior or feelings. We all have had some sort of mental health issue in our life. Because we are all different, the way we cope with situations will also be different.

How do you handle stressful situations? Maybe you have a group or specific person you talk to. Maybe you curl up on the couch after along day at work with a good book and you get lost in the fantasy of the story. Being kind to each other is also a good step, you do not know what is happening in the life of all your coworkers, So when they come in in a different mood, know that they could be just fine, but it never hurts to check in.

As a part of CUPE Steward Learning Series, there is  new workshop built for Understanding Mental Health. Members must take Introduction to Stewarding in order to attend this workshop and any others. For more information, please contact your executive.