May Membership Meeting

May 9th Timberlea Public School

All Local 2545 Members are welcome and wanted!


Ever wondered what a membership meeting is all about?

Have you ever thought “What has my union done for me?

Have you heard people say things like “CA, AHEC, ALEC, AEEC” or “Grievances, time lines, arbitration” “OH & S, Bargaining or Labour Mangement”

HAVE you ever want to get involved but not sure how?  

Have you felt that you can not come to a meeting because you do not have childcare or feel that your executive is doing a fine job?

Did you know by coming to a membership meeting you have the opportunity to connect with colleges, and have a say in what our local does?


If you answered yes to at least one of these above questions, then you should come to a meeting.

We have an agenda with reports and information that are given out. Our membership meeting happen once a month, September through June, and generally only last an hour.  At our membership meetings we have discussions, we elect members to do education, conventions, and more. We have motions that are made. WAIT… Do you know what a motion is? If you do send a quick email to and have the chance to win some swag.


Looking forward in seeing you at our May Meeting being held at Timberlea, start time is 4:30, however please feel free to show up after your shift, if it ends at 4:30. We will be talking about proposals.