Annual Membership Meeting

Attention Members of Local 2545

Please join us at 5pm on June 13th at Thickwood Heights School for our Annual General Membership meeting. During this meeting, we review what happened at the last Annual General Meeting, our president might share something if it is of great importance and we will be having elections.

 Elections for the following

Vice President: as per bylaws

Treasurer: As per bylaws

Alberta Library Education Committee (ALEC) – One lucky person gets to represent all of our fabulous Librarians.

Labour Management – This committee meets with members of District Office once a month. Normally it is your President, Vice President and two members who have put their names forward at the meeting.

Alberta Education Employees Committee (AEEC)– If you are elected to be a part of this committee,. You travel to either Edmonton or Calgary, your accommodations; transportation and a daily allowance are paid. You will meet wonderful people from across the province twice a year and share what is happening in other school districts!! 

Joint Health and Safety –, Organize April 28th Day of Mourning ceremony, and promote safe work procedures and environment, and will Work with management to continue to protect the rights and safety of our members.

Sargent at Arms – Ensures our meetings are kept private, tiles doors during elections, make sure nonmembers are not present during meetings.

Trustee: trustees help our treasurer Elaine Moore, by going over the local financials for the year. Plus you get to have dinner!!

“Newspaper Editor” in this roll you will work with the executive to update the website, and facebook page


For more information, please feel free to ask your current executive, or you can go to the Committees tab on our website