December Membership Meeting

December Membership Meeting



This note is to let you know that Lynn, Elaine B and Elaine M would like to let everyone know that we will be having our December membership meeting as planned. It will be at Thickwood Heights School.  We understand that some of you who wish to come will be late, and that is ok.


This is a good time to get together and remember the wonderful, silly, strong things that Lorna has done over the years. Her passing came too fast and no one was ready. Over the years Lorna has lead Local 2545 through many collective agreements, has had relationships with management to better her members, she never backed down, she said what was on her mind, and she would be one of the first people to be at your door step helping you with whatever you needed. Her phone was on 24/7, and she was there to answer questions for members to understand how and what the union was. Lorna was a resilient woman; she was a friend that you wanted in your corner.


Please join your Local 2545 Executive, on Tuesday for a shorten agenda, as we will be dealing with only pertinent items. Wishing you all a good day tomorrow and we will see you Tuesday, 430 ish at Thickwood Heights Public School.



(sent on behalf of the Executive)


In Solidarity,

Crystal Sali