Update From Elections

 On February 13th, 2018, we had a by-election for a few positions. With just over thirty members attend the by-election we have some updates to share. 

Lynn Fleet was elected to be our Local President for the remaining of the current term. By Lynn accepting the new position, this left the roll of Vice President vacant. Bev Devison was nominated, and accepted the roll for the remaining term (June 2019). As it turns out, this caused vacancy in our trustee position. Because of the recent and sudden passing of Sister Mary-Ellen Downey, we in fact had to fill two trustee positions.  These were fill by Melita Ellsworth (3yr) and Sherri Manuel (2yr). 

If you are interested in becoming more involved with your local we have our membership meetings the second Tuesday of the month. Check the web site on the location.

Positions that are coming up for re-election in June are:

President (2018-2020)

Recording Secretary (2018-2020)

The following are one year terms:

Alberta Education Employee Committee (AEEC): This group meets twice a year, once in the fall (Edmonton) and then again in the spring (Calgary). This committee discusses struggles and victories in the Education Sector throughout Alberta. (1 to 2 members)

Health and Safety:  Monthly meetings, committee members will bring forward any and all health and safety concerns to Labour management committee members. Such as asbestos in the tiles in schools,  ergonomically correct workstations and so forth. (2 delegates)

Labour Management: Meets once a month to discuss and try to resolve work place issues or concerns, in conjunction with District management personnel. (President, Vice President and 2 members)

Librarians (ALEC): 1 Librarian will travel to Red Deer (twice a year)  to meet with other  librarians from all over the province to discuss processes and different aspects of running a library.

Bargaining: Members of the Bargaining Committee meet with Management to negotiate the terms and conditions of our Collective Agreement. Once there is an agreement, it is brought to the the membership for a vote. (President, Vice President, and 2 members, one is an alternate but still attends all meetings)

If any of these interest you, please contact a member of your Executive, or feel free to ask a shop Steward.