Mourn the Dead, Fight for the Living

Every year on April 28th, members, families, and community members across the Nation gather to remember those whose lives were taken, who were injured, or disabled while on the job. 

In 2017, Alberta lost over 150 men and women to illness and or workplace injury. Because of unions like CUPE, we as members have helped to create new laws that help to protect us such as; our right to safe workplaces, and respect on the job just to name a couple. It was said that an injury to one is an injury to us all, we continue to fight, to update our laws to create safer workplaces for all. 


On April 28th, 2018 there will be a ceremony to honor those that were killed, and or injured on the job. Ceremony is being held at J. Howard Pew Memorial Park in Waterways.  Ceremony will begin at 10:30am with a moment of silence at 11:11am.