District Employees

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 Fort McMurray Public School’s District Website

Executive Officers

Douglas Nichols – Superintendent of Schools

Phil Meagher –  Chief Deputy Superintendent, HR and Administration

Allan Kallal –  Associate Superintendent Business & Finance

Shannon Noble –  Assistant Superintendent, Inclusive Education

Executive Assistants

Katie Esler – Executive Assistant to Superintendent

Stephanie Bourque – Executive Assistant to Associate Superintendent Business & Finance


____________ – Accounting Supervisor

Celestine Ezeh-  Director of Business



Kiran Malik Khan – Communications Coordinator


Ali Syed – Director of Information Technology and Digital Communications

Elaine Bambridge – Student Information Systems Coordinator

Julie Turner – Student Information Systems Coordinator

Connie Benson – IT Technician

Manish Walia – IT Technician

Shaun Naidoo – IT Technician

Paul Wilson – IT Technician

Human Resources

Linda Acheson – Human Resources Coordinator

Graham Abbott – Supervisor of Support Staffing


Lonnie Pilgrim– Director of Operations and Maintenance