CUPE WorkShops

CUPE workshops are great ways to learn more about how unions work, different roles and you get a chance to network. We have five different locals here in town. All have amazing members, some you might know, some might be new friends or new colleagues.


Check out the upcoming workshops that are posted and updated on the CUPE Alberta’s calendar. If you have any questions it is best to check with your executive so that they know you are interested!

First Workshop is Feb 9-10- Intro to Stewarding! 

Typically the workshops run Friday from 6pm to 9pm. Saturday start time is 9am , end around 4pm. 

Have you looked at Your Local Bylaws?

Bylaws are “rules” that an organization (such as a local union) makes and that its members must follow. Sometimes bylaws are updated, to reflect the needs of the local. They also help to remind all members  that we have guidelines to follow. They describe the roles and explains what is expected of executive members, committee members, and meetings and more. Please take some time to have a look over your local bylaws. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with a member of your executive, or a shop steward.


Local 2545 Bylaws can be downloaded by clicking Bylaws 


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year. 

With the new year comes new opportunities, new friendships, and new beginnings. During this time of year many people will start to think about changes that they want to do in their life, maybe it is going to start a fitness goal, or maybe it is spending more time with family, starting a new hobby, so many possibility. 

As the year moves forward may your success be great.

Wishing every person a fulfilled and memorable 2018.  

December Membership Meeting

December Membership Meeting



This note is to let you know that Lynn, Elaine B and Elaine M would like to let everyone know that we will be having our December membership meeting as planned. It will be at Thickwood Heights School.  We understand that some of you who wish to come will be late, and that is ok.


This is a good time to get together and remember the wonderful, silly, strong things that Lorna has done over the years. Her passing came too fast and no one was ready. Over the years Lorna has lead Local 2545 through many collective agreements, has had relationships with management to better her members, she never backed down, she said what was on her mind, and she would be one of the first people to be at your door step helping you with whatever you needed. Her phone was on 24/7, and she was there to answer questions for members to understand how and what the union was. Lorna was a resilient woman; she was a friend that you wanted in your corner.


Please join your Local 2545 Executive, on Tuesday for a shorten agenda, as we will be dealing with only pertinent items. Wishing you all a good day tomorrow and we will see you Tuesday, 430 ish at Thickwood Heights Public School.



(sent on behalf of the Executive)


In Solidarity,

Crystal Sali

November Membership Meeting

November 14th is the second Tuesday of the month!  Local 2545 members gather at a location and get a chance to see co-workers outside of work, catch up with other members from different schools. Learn about what has been happening in our local. Our local has many different types of members that work in different sections of our schools, even District Office. We also have a sub local, Pestew Place Detox. 


Have you wondered what does my union do for me? How can I get involved, how can I learn more? Come join your fellow UNION members at our November Membership meeting. 

Be present and help decide which Non-Profit organizations our local is going to help this holiday season. Also on the agenda is our scholarship winners.

We are meeting at Dr Clark this month. Start time is typically 4:30pm and we are there for an hour, give or take

Looking forward in seeing you there! 


Local 2545 has 2 Scholarships to be Awarded EXTENDED


It is that time of year again, as students, and staff get ready for another school year.  We have graduates preparing for the fall and colleges thinking about taking some courses. Preparations are being made, supplies is being thought about, a new chapter is about to begin.

CUPE Local 2545 has two scholarships that are awarded to either a member, or a member’s immediate family member.  Are you planning on taking classes to further your education? Maybe you have a son or daughter that graduated and can use a little help. Our local is accepting applications for a chance to use one of our two $1000.00 scholarships towards furthering education . These scholarships are awarded to new applicants each year. Please remember the deadline is SEPTEMBER 1st. 

Deadline has been extended until November 1st, winners will be announced at the December membership meeting.

Click here for the application, and  information. 2545 Scholarship

Good luck in your future, and all your successes in your academic achievements.

Annual Membership Meeting

Attention Members of Local 2545

Please join us at 5pm on June 13th at Thickwood Heights School for our Annual General Membership meeting. During this meeting, we review what happened at the last Annual General Meeting, our president might share something if it is of great importance and we will be having elections.

 Elections for the following

Vice President: as per bylaws

Treasurer: As per bylaws

Alberta Library Education Committee (ALEC) – One lucky person gets to represent all of our fabulous Librarians.

Labour Management – This committee meets with members of District Office once a month. Normally it is your President, Vice President and two members who have put their names forward at the meeting.

Alberta Education Employees Committee (AEEC)– If you are elected to be a part of this committee,. You travel to either Edmonton or Calgary, your accommodations; transportation and a daily allowance are paid. You will meet wonderful people from across the province twice a year and share what is happening in other school districts!! 

Joint Health and Safety –, Organize April 28th Day of Mourning ceremony, and promote safe work procedures and environment, and will Work with management to continue to protect the rights and safety of our members.

Sargent at Arms – Ensures our meetings are kept private, tiles doors during elections, make sure nonmembers are not present during meetings.

Trustee: trustees help our treasurer Elaine Moore, by going over the local financials for the year. Plus you get to have dinner!!

“Newspaper Editor” in this roll you will work with the executive to update the website, and facebook page


For more information, please feel free to ask your current executive, or you can go to the Committees tab on our website

Bargaining Update

The Bargaining Committee is requesting your presence this coming

Wednesday (May 31st, 2017)

Local 2545 Members you play an important roll in the bargaining process. Wednesday May 31st at Dr. Clark.  We will be meeting to see what updates have been happened, and how updates will reflect in our Collective agreement. If you have questions, remember your executive is always around.


May Membership Meeting

May 9th Timberlea Public School

All Local 2545 Members are welcome and wanted!


Ever wondered what a membership meeting is all about?

Have you ever thought “What has my union done for me?

Have you heard people say things like “CA, AHEC, ALEC, AEEC” or “Grievances, time lines, arbitration” “OH & S, Bargaining or Labour Mangement”

HAVE you ever want to get involved but not sure how?  

Have you felt that you can not come to a meeting because you do not have childcare or feel that your executive is doing a fine job?

Did you know by coming to a membership meeting you have the opportunity to connect with colleges, and have a say in what our local does?


If you answered yes to at least one of these above questions, then you should come to a meeting.

We have an agenda with reports and information that are given out. Our membership meeting happen once a month, September through June, and generally only last an hour.  At our membership meetings we have discussions, we elect members to do education, conventions, and more. We have motions that are made. WAIT… Do you know what a motion is? If you do send a quick email to and have the chance to win some swag.


Looking forward in seeing you at our May Meeting being held at Timberlea, start time is 4:30, however please feel free to show up after your shift, if it ends at 4:30. We will be talking about proposals. 


Looks Like Spring


Now that our “Spring Break” is quickly coming to an end, it is time to start spending time outside. 

We have heard that the RMWB is doing controlled burns that started last week and will be continuing this coming week.  The reason why these burns are happening is to eliminate the dead and dry trees, brush, and leaves that winter causes and leave behind.

 Please be aware that this might cause triggers for some of our children and staff in our schools. Here is a schedule for the next couple weeks.

 Last week- Wednesday, April 12: Real Martin Drive behind the ESSO on both sides of the road

Last week- Thursday, April 13: the creek between Wood Buffalo Way and Tundra Drive


This week be aware of controlled burns happening in these areas.

Monday, April 17: the creek between Wood Buffalo Way and Tundra Drive

Tuesday, April 18 and Wednesday, April 19: Fontaine Avenue and Prairie Loop Boulevard

Thursday, April 20 and Friday, April 21: Silin Forest Road walking path

If you are looking for more information about the controlled burns feel free to visit

Questions about controlled burns and mental health resources can be found by contacting :

The Pulse line at 780-743-7000 or to