Some of the committees that our members are involved with are: (and can be found in our By Laws)

Alberta Education Employee Committee (AEEC): This group meets twice a year, once in the fall (Edmonton) and then again in the spring (Calgary). This committee discusses struggles and victories in the Education Sector throughout Alberta.

Bargaining: Members of the Bargaining Committee meet with Management to negotiate the terms and conditions of our Collective Agreement. Once there is an agreement, it is brought to the the membership for a vote.

Committee Against Racism and Discrimination (CARD): CARD works to encourage and promote the participation of visible minorities and other equity-seeking groups in CUPE.

Good and Welfare Committee: Arranging social events for members through out the year.

Grievance Committee: Brothers and Sisters that are interested in becoming apart of this committee will go through Steward training. The committee is there to help fellow coworkers resolve issues.

Health and Safety:  Monthly meetings, committee members will bring forward any and all health and safety concerns to Labour management committee members. Such as asbestos in the tiles in schools,  ergonomically correct workstations and so forth.

Job Evaluation: A new committee being formed in conjunction with management to compile updated job descriptions.

Labour Management: Meets once a month to discuss and try to resolve work place issues or concerns, in conjunction with District management personnel.

Librarians: 1 Librarian will travel to Red Deer (twice a year)  to meet with other  librarians from all over the province to discuss processes and different aspects of running a library.

Policy Advisory : Members will attend policy meetings and report back to the membership as needed.

Just to name a few, If you are interested in any of the above or have any questions, please feel free to ask.