Each June at our Annual General Meeting elections are held and members are able to put their names forward for a variety of committees.

Alberta Education Employee Committee (AEEC): This Education Sector group meets twice a year to discuss common and not so common struggles and victories throughout Alberta.

Alberta Library Employees Committee (ALEC):  A library sector member from one our libraries meets twice annually with other library personnel from all corners of our province.

Bargaining: Members of the Bargaining Committee meet with Management to negotiate the terms and conditions of our Collective Agreement.

Grievance Committee:  This committee is comprised of members who have taken the Steward Learning Series.  These committee members are available for other members to approach with concerns they have from the workplace.  Many times these concerns are easily resolved, other times the issues may carry over to the grievance process.

Health and Safety:  At bi-monthly meetings committee members will bring forward all health and safety concerns to the Joint Health and Safety Committee.

Professional Forum:  This group meets once a month with Division Management to discuss and find resolution to labour related issues.

Social Committee:  The Social Committee arranges social events for members and their families throughout the year.