Bargaining Committee

Our Collect Agreement (CA) has  expired August 2016. 

Our Bargaining Committee is as follows:

Chairperson:                  Lorna Tollman  780.743.1003
Vice-Chairperson:                Crystal Sali 780.531.7146
Member:                                   Lynn Fleet 780.838.6283
Alternate member:         Elaine Moore 780.799.2668
National Rep:                   Graham Mahy

According to our Bylaws:

This will be a special committee established at least six (6) months prior to the expiry of the Local Union’s collective agreement and automatically disbanded when a new collective agreement has been signed.

The function of the committee is to prepare collective bargaining proposals and to negotiate a collective agreement. The committee shall consist of three (3) members, including the President as Chairperson, Vice-Presidents as Co-Chairpersons of their respective bargaining units and one member elected at a membership meeting.  Our Collective Agreement adds, “The Union may appoint an alternate member, who shall be allowed to attend all bargaining meetings with the Employer. The Alternate Member shall be granted Leave of Absents in accordance with the provisions of Article 22.02. The Union shall be billed for wages and benefits for the Alternate Member.”

The CUPE Representative assigned to the Local Union shall be a non-voting member of the committee and shall be consulted at all stages from formulating proposals, through negotiations, to contract ratification by the membership.

All members of Local 2545’s negotiating committee shall attempt to attend Level 1 and Level 2 of CUPE’s collective bargaining educationals.