Local 2545 Current Executive

This is your Executive Team:


Vice-President:  Lynn Fleet
Treasurer: Elaine Moore
Recording Secretary: Elaine Bambridge
Debbie Warren 
National Representative: Stephanie Lustig

cupe2545@gmail.com is the email address that you can forward your personal email address to to get updates and notices.


In case you are not directed to an email server, please feel free to copy and paste the email into your contacts. Plus you can see which school our executives are located at.


VICE PRESIDENT – Lynn Fleet (Comp High School fleet_lynn@hotmail.com

SECRETARY – Elaine Bambridge (District Office) thebambridges@shaw.ca

TREASURER – Elaine Moore ( Thickwood Heights) elaine.moore@fmpsd.ab.ca

NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE – Stephanie Lustig slustig@cupe.ca